Professional software localization by DCC global

Software localization is the process of technically, linguistically, and culturally adapting software products to the requirements of a particular target market. We handle translation, which is a part of the localization process. This also includes the required software engineering and always a final acceptance test in which the translated user interface text and images are checked for quality.

What can DCC global do for you?

Regardless of whether you specialize in special-purpose or standard machinery, plant engineering, or engineering services - we provide professional software localization (language switching) for all segments of the mechanical engineering industry. We efficiently deliver your project, which is immediately usable and ready to add value to your business.

We translate user interfaces for SIMATIC configurations like the TIA Portal, WinCC, and WinCC flexible as well as all other common process visualization systems - into more than 50 languages. 

That also goes for user objects, scripts, and program components such as S7 texts.

We can also translate the technical documentation for your machines and systems. Working with a single supplier ensures consistency in your documentation and visualizations.

We are specialists in professionally localizing and checking the quality of your configuration and are available to answer all of your software localization questions. The process starts with a detailed project analysis and includes practical support for problem-free commissioning of your systems and optimizing your configuration workflow.

Our Software-Internationalization blog provides valuable technical tips and recommendations on using multiple languages for SIMATIC configurations such as TIA, WinCC, and WinCC flexible.

Trust the recommendations of prominent customers like Siemens and try our services for yourself.

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Obtaining a quote


Our Quality Philosophy

We do NOT translate - We localize. And we’ve been doing it for more than 20 years!

We know the pitfalls of various software systems along with the language-related difficulties that can arise during the localization process. That is why on every project we work exclusively

  • with a team of engineers who know the technology and systems inside and out,
  • with translators who live in the target language country and have the requisite industry knowledge,
  • according to the European DIN EN ISO 17100 standard as documented by our registration at TÜV Rheinland - DIN CERTCO.

We set up a terminology database and translation memory for each localization project.

In addition to a tool-supported quality check of the translation, our final acceptance test ensures consistent wording and the highest quality. A native speaker will work with one of our engineers to review the translation directly in the configuration - image for image and text for text.

Our detailed localization workflow illustrates the individual steps in our process.

A two-minute animated film is available to show you what else we do and how you will benefit from working with us.

This structured approach gives you:

  • Ironclad deadlines for planning security
  • Complete data security - ensured with NDAs and work on your configuration only at our Hanover site
  • Quality documented with quality assurance procedures for each project
  • 100% functionality and satisfaction guarantee


Working with DCC global has many benefits:

You can use the system we localized immediately:

Every user will understand their language version of the configuration we have localized. The software will be ready for go-live or delivery to your end client. There will be no additional work for you after delivery, which saves scarce human resources capacity and shortens the time to go-live.

You will receive your localized product quickly and in reproducible quality - our efficient workflow guarantees that:

Our workflow is the result of 20 years of experience. We use the same localization tools and methods used by international software publishers. This means we deliver consistently high quality - across projects and regardless of what kind of day individual translators are having. We can localize standard-sized projects in about 10 business days. With each project, the translation memory and terminology list will grow. These databases are integrated into our professional tools and are used to ensure quality, consistency, and efficiency in future localization jobs. That saves you time, lowers the cost of the translation, and delivers quality your sales team can market.

Our localized systems add value:

A high-quality localization shapes your end client’s perception of the quality of your machine, reduces operator training time, and decreases downtime due to incorrect use. Ultimately, this increases the value of your machine and speeds up your ROI.

Technical Documentation

In combination with software localization for your configuration DCC global offers also the coordinated translation of all the accompanying documentation to ensure a consistent experience for your customers.

What we can do for you:

We deliver camera-ready translations of manuals, circuit diagrams, S7 commentaries and parts lists in all common programs and formats. This service includes layout, image editing and creation of screenshots from the visualization.

A tool-supported translation workflow with terminology management, translation memory and quality assurance filters guarantees the quality of our results.

Benefits for you:

  • Improved quality thanks to uniform translations in the application and documentation
  • Safety thanks to compliance with the statutory provisions of the Machinery Directive before commissioning
  • Improved comprehensibility thanks to real screenshots from the visualization

We support our customers in many markets including the following