DCC Translation Editor is designed for secure and efficient editing and maintenance of multilingual SIMATIC configurations.

Your localized language versions will benefit from demonstrable quality improvement plus cost reductions. WinCC, WinCC flexible, S7 and TIA Portal file export formats can be imported, edited intuitively, translated and then written professionally. 

  • Easy identification of translation errors, incorrect figures and missing punctuation
    thanks to 7 quality assurance filters
  • Simple integration into process visualization 
    thanks to marking of overly long translations
  • Format preservation
    thanks to complete file format handling during translation outside the configuration
  • Improved comprehensibility 
    thanks to clearly organized table format
  • TIA Portal-ready and future-proof 
    thanks to continual updating
  • Support for all configuration languages
    including Chinese, Thai, Hebrew and Arabic
Your benefits

Demonstrable quality improvement

Reduced need for adaptation in the configuration

Less time-intensive correction cycles

Application security thanks to SIEMENS certification

More information

about DCC Translation Editor and SIMATIC Premium Add-ons for WinCC visit the dedicated SIEMENS site.

Or take a look at our two-minute animated film.

Translation Editor Trial-Download

DCC Translation Editor 5.0 SIMATIC Edition


DCC Translation Editor 5.0 SIMATIC Edition

The DCC Translation Editors 5.0 SIMATIC Edition for editing of csv-, xls-, xlsx- and txt-files from WinCC, WinCC flexible and SIMATIC TIA. Please notice, that this version is running in demo mode without a licence.

New: Support for SIMATIC TIA V17.

Demo files


Demo files

Download of the demo files for the DCC Translation Editor SIMATIC Edition.

In the zip file there are two directories, each with four test files.

In the directory de-en there are files with the source language German and the target language English. In the directory de-zh there is the source language German and the target language is Chinese.

The files are from WinCC flexible. The texts can be formatted with bold, italic, underline and blink.

Translation Editor Order

The DCC Translation Editor tool allows the easy, comfortable and efficient editing and maintenance of multilingual projects for all Siemens visualization text files (xlsx, xls, csv).

We offer the DCC Translation Editor for TIA, WinCC and WinCC flexible.

You can decide whether a version for all languages ​​or only for the Western European languages ​​is necessary. A later upgrade of languages is possible.

VersionOrder numberPrice
Basic (West European languages)3538CD-02/01998,– €
Complete Package (all languages)3538CD-02/161.998,– €
WinCC flexible
VersionOrder numberPrice
Basic (West European languages)3538CD-04/01498,– €
Complete Package (all languages)3538CD-04/16998,– €
TIA Portal
VersionOrder numberPrice
Basic (West European languages)3538CD-10/011.998,– €
Complete Package (all languages)3538CD-10/162.498,– €

All prices are excl. VAT and shipping cost. The shipping cost for each order and delivery within Germany is € 7,50. For deliveries to other countries the shipping fee is € 15,00. With your order you accept our General Terms and Conditions.

You would like to order the DCC Translation Editor? Please send us an email with the order number and the information of the version as well as your contact information (for delivery and invoice) to info@remove-this.dcc-global.com. After your order you get a confirmation by e-mail.

Thank you!