Obtaining a quote - How we prepare quotes

Localization of configurations in mechanical and plant engineering

You are familiar with our services and know how they will benefit you. Are you costing your next project abroad and require a price for language switching? DCC global would be happy to prepare a quote for localization of your configuration. All we need is your configuration and some supplementary information.

It’s best to reduce the configuration to only what needs to be translated. Often components such as images can be removed from the material to be translated. If individual images cannot be removed from the configuration, then send us a list of the images to be translated (white list) or those which do not require translation (black list). The same is true for text classes such as program comments.

Using this information, we will prepare your customized quote based on the number of images and quantity of text in the project. The quote will indicate that less or more work may be necessary and will be charged accordingly. This means that our quote will help you reliably cost your project, even if you make changes in the project scope.

Three steps to your localized system:

1. Preparing your configuration

You forward your configuration to DCC global along with a completed project questionnaire and black list/white list, if necessary. We would be happy to provide you with login information for uploading your files to our file transfer server.

2. Receiving your customized quote

DCC global will analyze your configuration and calculate the cost and effort involved in localization. This will be broken down by images and text in a detailed quote. We will calculate your customized quote taking into account previous projects, customer-specific terminology, and the use of translation memories.

3. Flexibility - despite configuration changes

You can order our services based on the quote even if you have worked further on your configuration in the meantime. The order price is equal to the quoted price minus unnecessary services or plus additional services.

Please note that our quotes only apply to the requested combination of configuration and language. For other combinations, the cost of implementation or the language price category may differ.

DCC global’s processing time is usually around 10 to 12 business days for standard project sizes.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Contact us at info@remove-this.dcc-global.com for your login information and the project questionnaire.

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about how we prepare quotes.