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First-rate references from more than 3,000 DCC global projects speak for themselves.

This selection showcases just a small subsection of our client base, which encompasses all sectors of the mechanical and plant engineering industry.

Our customers’ industries

Auto industry
Cleaning systems
Compressed air and vacuum technology
Drivetrain technology
Drying technology
Fluid technology
Food and packaging industry
Industrial furnace construction
Integrated assembly solutions
Materials handling
Medical technology
Pharmaceutical industry
Plastics and rubber processing
Printing and paper technology
Robotics and automation
Smelting and milling equipment
Textile industry
Thermal process engineering
Tool and die making and manufacturing systems
Transportation and logistics industry
Ventilation technology
Wood processing
The above are just some of the industries and sectors in which our customers do business.
We would be happy to provide you with references in your particular industry. Feel free to contact us.

Costumers feedback

“Even our very, very critical...
...programmers praised your work! What is particularly impressive (and please keep doing it!) is the fact that you follow your schedules down to the minute. I have rarely seen that kind of reliability in any other service provider, and it really takes a load off us. Carry on!”
,,The extremely fast ...
... and smooth completion of our project before Christmas was an incredible help to us! This is one of the reasons we like working with you so much. Thank you very much for the great teamwork."
"I would like to thank ...
... your team for the excellent work and report that translation of the Ruimin bar milling machine project is finished. Your team translated our WinCC 6.2 ASIA project from English into Traditional Chinese very quickly and professionally. The customer corrected only a very small, unimportant section, which may have been due to use of a provincial dialect in any case. The quality of the screen adaptations was superb and did not require any correction. I told others in my company about my very positive experience and hope that we will be able to work with your team again on future projects."
"...over many years ...
... a reliable partner for the development of our products in Asia and the Middle East.”

Markus Schneider, Scheidt & Bachmann GmbH, Moenchengladbach, GER
"DCC global fully met our ...
... expectations and those of our customers. In the future, we will continue to rely on the high-quality work produced at your company in Hanover."

Reinhart Melzer, Breyer GmbH, Singen, GER
"Dear colleagues at DCC, ...
... I just downloaded from the server, unzipped and opened the translated project. As far as I can tell with my modest knowledge of Russian, you have once again delivered us first-rate quality. Thank you to everyone involved. The system is already on its way to St. Petersburg, and my co-worker is taking a few days of vacation, but he is already looking forward to the pleased looks on the faces of his Russian co-workers when he switches the system to their native language."

Hans-Juergen Bradler, Dornieden GmbH Anlagentechnik, Billerbeck, GER
"It is really a pleasure ...
... working with you and your company. I am very pleased that you are our business partner."

Robert Schuerch, CSM Systems AG, Uster, CH
„Your competent service and ...
... perfect execution have given our checkweighers a smooth start in the Chinese market.”

Axel Preußner, Garvens Automation GmbH, Giesen, GER

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction always was and continues to be our top priority!

A customer satisfaction survey is conducted after every project to find out how customers rate our services.

We are very proud to say that ALL of our customers surveyed will “likely” or “very likely” work with us again in the future as well as recommend DCC global to others.