FAQ for DCC software localization

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FAQ for DCC software localization

Here you find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about us and our services. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please let us know. You can use our contact form, email or phone. We will be happy to answer it.
What makes DCC global different from a translation agency?
Unlike a translation agency, DCC global delivers an end-to-end solution based on software and language expertise. We know how to work with visualization file export formats, enabling us to prevent undesired changes to headers, tags, rows, columns or text formatting during translation that would cause problems during re-import. After professional translation by a native-speaker expert and downstream editing and proofreading, we integrate all texts into the visualization, review all windows in the configuration and ensure that the configuration is operational. The configuration is then handed over to you, ready to deliver to the customer for commissioning. Upon request, we can also create a print-ready manual featuring consistent translations and a print-ready layout with localized images and machine labels. Building company-specific terminology databases and translation memories guarantees the consistent use of terms across projects and creates synergies for subsequent projects.
How does DCC global ensure translation quality?
What does "translator-independent" quality control mean?
Why is DCC global uniquely qualified to localize my system?
Can DCC global simply deliver my translation in an Excel spreadsheet?
Which languages does DCC global offer?
How do we calculate the price of our services?